About us

Michela Giuggiolini

With the camera in my hand all my life, my soul is of a photographer.
My name is Michela, I’m italian but I live in Canary Islands. I am a professional photographer specializing in wedding photography and portraits.
Photography was always a great hobby until the first big event, the first assignment for an italian wedding shoot in 2015.
In 2017 I moved to Gran Canaria, a magical place that I fell in love with and where I still live. From the beginning I started working professionally as photographer for various tourist agencies and making photo shoots of all kinds: from wedding to baptisms, from family photography session to personal shoots.
Thanks to these experiences I met my current colleagues on my way, with them the idea of creating MEMENTO PHOTOGRAPHY was born.
With my faithful companion Canon, I immortalize the most magical and special moments of life: weddings, but not only, also maternity, new born shoot and in general all kinds of photo shoot.
My photographic style, and that of all Memento, is natural photography.

I am the first creator and first photographer of Memento Photography.

Javier Pedraza Castillo

My name is Javier, i’m from Madrid but I live in Canary Islands.
From an early age I knew I had a great passion pulsating in my veins, but I didn’t realize how important it was to me until I started my studies as a “Technical Specialist in Image and Sound” (T├ęcnico Superior en Imagen y Sonido).
Always passionate about cinema, I like to contemplate life as if I always had a fixed camera in front of my eyes. Thanks to my studies at the CES School of Image and Sound in Madrid, one of the best audiovisual schools in Spain, I realized that this was what I wanted to do in my life.
The 8 years of experience as a professional photographer and videographer made me create a personal photographic style that tends towards naturalness, capturing the moment without external intrusions. I like to capture people’s form of being through my camera.

I am the first videographer of Memento Photography.

Ana Rubio

My name is Ana, I’m from Madrid but i live in Canary Island.
Ever since I can say that I had a thought of my own I have always felt that the creative world was my place. That place where you can feel safe and secure and you can really be who you want to be.
Always interested in the photographic world, this was stregthened with my years of studying in Fine Arts where I learned the use of the camera in depth, specializing in analogue photography.
This gave me the patience to value the true essence of the image against the immediacy of the use of photography today. And above all, she taught me to have a passion for every photo I take, paying attention to every little detail, and knowing how to capture the exact moment.
With my move to Gran Canaria in 2018, I met the other members of Memento Photography even before they even started thinking about creating Memento.
I had the opportunity to share many moments of incredible creativity with Michela and since then we both have wished that in the future we could return to work together and be able to share our great passion with the whole world.

And today, here I am, an active part of Memento Photography as a photographic or videographic wildcard, all for what I love most: photography.

Chiara Petrelli

My name is Chiara, i’m italian but i live in Canary Islands.
A lover of photography since i was very small thanks to a passion transmitted by my family, especially by my father. In our home we have always fervently guarded our most important memories by printing photographs and creating albums for every year of our life and for every minimal important event.
I have always told my life and that of others with a camera in my hand, a hobby that over the years has begun to have more and more importance until my first big assignment: an italian wedding in 2015.
I have been collaborating with Michela since then and in silence we have grew the idea of creating a photographic company and making our passion our work.
In 2017 I moved to Gran Canaria and in 2018 I enrolled in the professional photography course offered by the ECFI School in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, finishing the course with a photographic project focused on denouncing abandoned places.
Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that my true photographic passion is towards the naturalness of photography: stealing moments of everyday life and making its eternals. And there is nothing I like more than stealing and making eternal every single moment, every single expression and emotion of a wedding day.
I love to tell and leave indelible moments thanks to one click.

I strongly believe that photography has the power to make a memory physical.

Oficially second phographer at weddings, but in reality Michela’s assistant across the board.